Kaden W. Brunner died at 2 ½ years old from a tragic automobile accident.  That, however, is not how we will forever remember him.  Kaden was a little boy filled with love and life.  He was very energetic and a bit mischievous at times.  It might sound like we are describing an ordinary little boy, but to us, Kaden was far from ordinary. Kaden was our little bubba that brought light to our eyes and love to our hearts, just by doing the little things he loved to do.

Kaden loved being with his Mama, his little sister, Kylie, and his doggie, Smokey, but he especially loved being with his Dada.  Kaden and Dada had a very special bond and had special things that only he and Dada did, like play golf and ride on the lawn tractor.  Kaden also loved spending time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  He always had a smile on his face when he was around these people. 

Kaden loved watching the Disney Pixar movie “Cars.”  He loved Lightning McQueen.  His little red Lightning McQueen car was his favorite toy; he carried it around everywhere he went.  He also loved playing golf with his big boy golf clubs.  For Christmas, Santa brought him a set of golf clubs and Grandpa and Grandma got him a golf cart, which he absolutely loved.  Some other favorite things of his were his blue and green blankets, which he called blue/green and his books, especially Goodnight Moon and the “Cars” books that his cousins had given him.  He also liked his Handy Manny tool set, his Thomas the Train choo choos…and the list goes on and on.  Kaden loved everything!  Actually, we take that back, he did not like going to bed and would always ask for “couple more minutes.”  This would happen about five times before he went to his room, then he would ask for “kiss/hugs” about five times before he finally went to sleep. 

Kaden was the type of child who went with the flow, especially with other kids.  He liked to share and was well tempered (most of the time).  He just wanted to have fun and enjoy his little life.  Besides loving to play with other kids, he loved being around animals.  He loved our dog Smokey so much that we would sometimes catch him stealing Smokey’s dog food and eating it.  Smokey loved Kaden so much that he tolerated almost everything Kaden did to him.  When Kaden watched television he would use Smokey as a pillow and would roll over on top of Smokey.  At this point, Smokey would usually get up and walk away, but he always came back for more.  Kaden loved the geese he saw in our backyard and would yell to them from our patio door.  The deer that came out of the woods behind our house also fascinated him.  He also had a thing about bees – we don’t know why, but he would see a bee and then say that he had a bee in his ear. 

One of the funny things Kaden did was stick his neck out when he ran or when he was up to no good.  It was weird to watch, and we always enjoyed a good laugh and would say we hoped he would grow out of it.  Kaden felt sad when someone else would cry or be sad, and he used his soft little voice to try to comfort them.  Then, as soon as he knew you were okay, he would burst out with this huge laugh.  He had a way of making people feel special by going out of his way to give them “kiss/hugs,” hold their hand, grab their hand and make them play with him, sit in their lap, or just look at them with his big blue loving eyes and beautiful smile.  It melts our hearts just thinking of that look. 

We will never be able to fully share everything about Kaden, because some parts of his story are so special and unique that it is hard to put them into writing.  His story is something the people who were part of his life will always treasure because although it cannot be fully expressed or explained, it has been embedded so deeply in our hearts.  These are just some of the little footprints that we cherish and that made Kaden such a special little treasure.