An established family program, through Hunter’s Hope Foundation, to help alleviate some of the financial burden faced by families who have lost a child.

Kaden was filled with an abundant amount of love.  One of the ways he showed it was by giving many kisses and hugs, which he called “kiss/hugs,” to Mama, Dada, and Kylie on a daily basis.  Actually, he loved to give kisses and hugs to almost everyone!  Every time someone receives a little “sign” from Kaden in heaven, we call it “kisses from Kaden.”  Kaden was such a loving little boy; we know he would want to share his “kisses” with other families who experience the tragic loss of a young child.  We know too that when Kaden greets that child in heaven, he will welcome him or her with a lot of “kiss/hugs,” take them by the hand and ask them to “come play with me.”